Brian Windhorst on Donovan Mitchell: ‘The league thinks he’s getting traded soon’

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With NBA offseason rumors heating up, one recent report indicates that Utah Jazz star guard Donovan Mitchell could soon be on the move.

During a recent episode of Brian Windhorst’s podcast, the tireless NBA insider reported that the league believes Mitchell will be traded soon.

“I guess it’s possible that they don’t trade him now,” Windhorst said. “But I mean I think that they’re — the league thinks he’s getting traded soon.”

As NBA fans know, nothing is truly done until a deal is signed, but it seems that many in the NBA feel that a trade involving Mitchell is only a matter of time.

The Miami Heat are seen as one of the most likely landing spots for Mitchell should a trade take place. The New York Knicks also seem to be suitors.

The 2022 NBA offseason is still young, and a lot of big trades have already taken place. One of the most notable trades was the deal involving Mitchell’s former Jazz teammate Rudy Gobert. Gobert and Mitchell never seemed to get along. Perhaps Gobert’s departure will make Mitchell more willing to remain in Utah.

Still, the trade of Gobert could be a sign that the team is looking to move on from the current regime and start fresh altogether. Surely, if the Jazz were to trade Mitchell, they would be able to get a massive haul of young talent and future draft picks in return.

Windhorst seems quite confident that Mitchell will not remain in Utah past this summer. However, there is no guarantee that his next destination is South Florida. Fans will have to wait and see what takes place in the coming weeks.

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