Marcus Morris appears to express interest in joining forces with Damian Lillard on Miami Heat

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Marcus Morris may be jumping into the Damian Lillard trade saga, with social media showing what the veteran forward and superstar guard might look like as teammates on the Miami Heat.

Marcus Morris and Damian Lillard

Morris is under contract with the Los Angeles Clippers for the 2023-24 NBA season and has played the past three full seasons for them, so it isn’t quite clear how he might end up with Lillard in Miami.

It also isn’t certain that the Portland Trail Blazers will even send Lillard to his preferred destination of Miami to honor a trade request he made in early July. Talks seem to be at a standstill with several factors complicating a deal that fans were hoping would be done by now.

Lillard, through agent Aaron Goodwin, has made it clear he wants to play only for the Heat, which drew a warning from the league and further reports of NBA commissioner Adam Silver being unlikely to step in to stop any possible trade.

But Lillard’s stance has already limited the Trail Blazers’ leverage, with no other team reported to be pursuing a trade for the 33-year-old. Portland does not seem to find Miami’s trade package worth taking, with the latest reportedly including a young player, multiple first-round draft picks, Tyler Herro going to a third team and possibly some pick swaps.

A three-team trade has long been thought as the best way for Lillard to wind up in Miami, so maybe that is what the doctored photo is hinting at. The Clippers reportedly had some interest in acquiring Lillard at the beginning of the offseason, but that seems to have evaporated with James Harden now a possibility to join them as he looks to leave the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Clippers also seem to be very happy with Russell Westbrook entering the season as their point guard, with head coach Tyronn Lue calling him the leader that the team has lacked.

Adding a player like Morris along with Lillard could help the Heat replenish their depth after losing Gabe Vincent, Max Strus and Victor Oladipo this offseason.

Whether Miami can pull off a deal like that remains to be seen, but it provides another interesting talking point as the situation drags on.

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