Report: There’s ‘significant movement’ to get James Harden traded to Miami Heat by start of season

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The James Harden sweepstakes continues, and it appears that the most likely destinations have been whittled down to two.

According to a recent report, there has been “significant movement” to try to get Harden on either the Miami Heat or Brooklyn Nets by the start of the 2020-21 season.

These two teams have been in the mix for quite some time now. It seems to be based on a combination of Harden’s desire to actually play in either Brooklyn or Miami as well as the fact that both organizations actually have assets that the Houston Rockets desire.

In fact, it was recently reported that a “major sticking point” in trade talks between the Rockets and Heat has been young sharpshooter Duncan Robinson.

Perhaps now is also the time that Heat fans should know that the team is reportedly selling Harden’s signature shoe in its team stores.

This could mean something, or it could mean nothing.

However, what is clear is that the Heat are still very much in the running for the player who has led the NBA in scoring in each of the last three seasons.

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