NBA scout believes Miami Heat would include Bam Adebayo in trade for Kevin Durant if opportunity presented itself

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While a number of teams have been mentioned as potential landings spots for Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant, the Miami Heat seem especially determined to try to add him.

So far, they haven’t been able to get the Nets to pull the trigger on a deal.

One scout believes that the Heat would be willing to include big man Bam Adebayo in a deal for Durant.

“If you’re the Heat, you make that trade, even if you need to include [Ben] Simmons,” the scout told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “If you have an opportunity to get a player like Kevin Durant, you do it. From my relationship with Pat Riley, I believe the Heat would make that trade [including Adebayo] if given the option. I’m not sure that would be enough for Brooklyn.”

A deal involving Adebayo, Durant, Simmons and perhaps other pieces would have a ground-shattering impact on the Eastern Conference.

Such a move would also perhaps make the Heat the most talented team in the NBA. Even with concerns revolving around Simmons, there is no doubt that he’s a uniquely gifted athlete.

Moreover, a scout recently expressed a belief that the Heat would be able to salvage Simmons’ career despite his recent setbacks.

At the moment, there are so many trade rumors around the league that it is hard to keep track of them all. It is also hard to discern rumors that have validity to them from rumors that are mere fantasy.

However, with Durant seemingly still looking to get out of Brooklyn, fans can expect rumors to continue to flow through the rest of the offseason and into the regular season if he remains on the roster at that time.

As for the Heat, they’ll surely continue exploring all options to create a more dangerous roster for the season ahead.

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