NBA insider says he hasn’t gotten sense that Miami Heat want to part ways with Bam Adebayo for Donovan Mitchell

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The Miami Heat have been at the center of a lot of trade rumors involving Utah Jazz star guard Donovan Mitchell this offseason, but nothing has materialized as of yet.

In fact, a report earlier this summer indicated that the Heat were more inclined to put their focus on Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

Considering the fact that the Heat don’t seem all that interested in trading away Bam Adebayo for Durant, it should not come as much of a shock that the team reportedly doesn’t have much interest in trading away Adebayo for Mitchell either.

That much was reported by Michael Scotto of HoopsHype.

“I don’t see Miami having the assets to get it done without parting with Bam Adebayo, which I haven’t gotten the sense they want to do,” he said.

Adebayo is a big part of what’s made the Heat one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference over the last few years. He’s the team’s defensive anchor and a dangerous weapon on offense.

Though Mitchell is a talented scorer in the league, the truth is that it may be easier to find a player who can do what he excels at rather than find a player to replace Adebayo if he were moved.

Right now, the major issue getting in the way of the Heat making any deal for a star seems to be a lack of tradable assets. Clearly, the Heat want to add another star to their roster.

However, as time passes, it’s becoming more apparent that the Heat may have to move Adebayo if they are serious about adding a new star to the team.

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