Udonis Haslem makes it abundantly clear he wants to take on ownership role with Miami Heat

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Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem recently spoke about the possibility of taking on an ownership role with the organization one day.

Clearly, the Heat lifer has a lot of goals for his career after he decides to hang up his uniform for good.

“Even with so much going on in my life, this organization would be a top priority, a major priority for me,” Haslem said to the Sun Sentinel. “There’s no way I can be a part of this and not focus on moving the needle. I think everything that I’ve been about these last couple of years has been focused on moving the needle, has been from a position of ‘How can I impact winning without playing?’ Well, you see how I impact winning without being on the court.

“Even in an ownership role, I would still take that same approach. Just because I’m not on the basketball court doesn’t mean I want to be disconnected and not impact winning. I just want to be just as hands on and just as connected as I am now. For me, I think it’d be a great opportunity. Because when you think of the Miami Heat, when you think of Miami, you already think of me now. To have an ownership position and be the face in the community, it’d be great.”

Haslem added that he wouldn’t be the type of owner that sits behind a desk. Rather, he’d be very engaged with the team and community.

“I don’t think I have to sit behind a desk,” Haslem said. “That’s the different kind of owner I’d be. I’d be the owner that’s out in the community. I would be out there shaking hands and kissing babies. I’d be the owner that’s at every game, every practice. I’d be the owner that’s engaged with the players. I’d be the owner that might challenge you to a one-on-one, to see if you can beat me.”

Haslem is a fan favorite in Miami, and many folks would surely love to see him take on an ownership role with the Heat down the road.

The 41-year-old is still an active player today, but he doesn’t see much playing time. Rather, he makes an impact for the Heat as a veteran leader.

Haslem has won three NBA titles during his time with the Heat, and he seems determined to get another. He recently declared that Jimmy Butler deserves to win a championship with the Heat, which is a possibility that seems to be on the table this season.

Haslem has career averages of 7.6 points and 6.7 rebounds per contest. This season, he has appeared in just two games.

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