Udonis Haslem admits it was ‘hurtful’ that Dwyane Wade didn’t join Miami Heat’s ownership group

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Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem recently admitted that it was “hurtful” that team legend Dwyane Wade didn’t end up joining the Heat’s ownership group.

“Yeah, it was hurtful,” Haslem said after being asked about the matter.

Last year, Wade purchased an ownership stake in the Utah Jazz organization. The move rubbed some Heat fans the wrong way.

One of the reasons why Haslem feels such pain about Wade’s ownership decision is likely that the two players were cornerstones of the Heat franchise for a considerable period of time.

Wade arrived in Miami as the fifth overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft, while Haslem arrived under more humbling circumstances. Haslem was not drafted, but he landed with the Heat in 2003.

During the two players’ time together, the Heat managed to win three NBA titles. While Wade was gone for a relatively short period playing for two other teams near the end of his career, he ended up concluding his playing days in a Heat uniform.

Sooner or later, Haslem will also decide that it’s time to retire. At this point in the veteran’s career, most of the value he brings to the table comes by virtue of his presence off the court.

Haslem’s deep Miami roots will likely put him in line to obtain an ownership stake with the Heat down the road. If that does indeed happen, he’ll undoubtedly hope for Wade to consider joining Miami’s ownership group as well.

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