Tyler Herro says he doesn’t care if he gets traded but states he wants to stay with Miami Heat

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Throughout the summer, the Miami Heat were involved in numerous rumors that linked them to stars elsewhere in the NBA that seemed destined to be on the move. One thing that was essentially a constant component of every proposed trade was Heat guard Tyler Herro.

In fact, Herro was often seen as the potential centerpiece of any offer coming from Miami.

For that reason, Herro has absolutely had to field questions about the potential of being traded, and he has likely thought quite a lot about whether or not he could be moved by the team that drafted him just a few years ago.

Now, with the 2022-23 NBA season fast approaching, it seems rather likely that Herro will continue his career with the Heat. However, all NBA fans know that trades can happen as fast as lightning, and just because Herro’s place in South Florida seems assured today does not mean that it will be tomorrow.

According to Herro himself, he’d be fine with getting traded. However, he does want to remain in Miami.

“I mean, at this point, I don’t really care,” Herro made clear to the Miami Herald. “I can get traded or I can stay here, I don’t care. I just want to play. I want to play my game, have fun and I want to be wanted. Wherever they want me, I want to be.”

It may seem like a somewhat jaded answer, but the truth is that Herro has every right to feel this way. It can’t be fun to be dangled as a trade piece for an entire offseason, especially when that offseason is coming right after the best season in Herro’s young career.

Though the words may sound like they’re coming from a disgruntled player, Herro did go on to clarify that he wants to stay in Miami.

“I want to be here,” Herro said. “I want to be in Miami. But I’m not rushed to sign anything. It’s got to make sense for me and my family. I’m not just going to sign anything. I see the market, I see what guys got paid and I know my worth. So I’m looking for the right number.”

Last season, Herro served in a bench role for the Heat and averaged 20.7 points per game. He was the team’s second-leading scorer behind only Jimmy Butler. He’s made it clear that he wants to start this season.

It will be interesting to see if he can take his game to the next level and make it clear to the organization that he is more valuable to it on the floor than he could ever be in a trade.

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