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Tyler Herro Comes to Kyle Kuzma’s Defense After Other NBA Players Destroy Him

Tyler Herro Miami Heat

When Los Angeles Lakers power forward Kyle Kuzma decided to use social media to show off his fashion sense, it unleashed a torrent of ridicule from both fellow NBA players and fans. One player who defended Kuzma’s wardrobe choice was Miami Heat rookie guard Tyler Herro.

Tyler Herro defends Kyle Kuzma

His defense of Kuzma likely brought back memories of when the first-year player had his own fashion moment.

Tyler Herro Miami Heat

That came when the Heat drafted him in June, with some on social media offering positive comments on his floral suit. Unfortunately, others offered unflattering comparisons of the outfit to a hotel bedspread, the upholstering from a couch and a carpet.

In truth, this social media furor will fade away as quickly as it arrived, with both players having more pressing concerns. Kuzma is seeking to pin down on roster spot with the Team USA squad that will compete in the FIBA Wold Cup, which gets underway in China on Aug. 31. Meanwhile, Herro is focused on making as quick an impact as possible with the Heat.

For the 2019-20 regular season, Kuzma and Herro will have two opportunities to compare fashion notes. The Heat will travel to Staples Center in Los Angeles on Nov. 8 to take on the Lakers, with the two teams meeting again at American Airlines Arena on Dec. 13.

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