Ray Allen Challenges LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Among Others to Quarantine Hairline Challenge

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NBA stars are finding new ways to keep busy amidst the current stoppage of play, and the most recent may end in some hilarious hairlines.

Former Miami Heat sharpshooter Ray Allen took to social media to encourage former Heat stars LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal to go natural by joining in on a hairline challenge.


James’ hairline has been the subject of jokes since the time he was playing in Miami. For years, he was accused of wearing thicker headbands high up on his forehead to hide his hair loss.

As for O’Neal, he recently showed off his natural hairline to hilarious results after losing a bet to former Heat teammate and current TNT colleague Dwyane Wade.

From NBA 2K20 tournaments to interesting fashion choices, it’s been truly hilarious to see how NBA stars are dealing with new social-distancing mandates and self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus.

Surely, all of this will one day be nothing but a memory. Eventually, the NBA will return and society will go on as normal.

Until that day comes, fans are very lucky to have former players such as Allen who are willing to make themselves the butt of a joke to the pleasure of their adoring fans.

Now, it will fascinating to see if O’Neal and James are willing to pick up the baton and keep this hilarious internet trend alive.

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