NBA world rips Miami Heat’s punishment for violating rules in pursuit of Kyle Lowry: ‘It was as toothless as a defanged animal’

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Earlier this week, the NBA announced its punishment for the Miami Heat for their acquisition of Kyle Lowry.

The Heat will forfeit their next available second-round draft pick as a result of the league’s findings in its investigation for early free-agency contact between Lowry and the organization.

The Chicago Bulls will also have to forfeit their next available second-round pick for committing the same violation with star guard Lonzo Ball.

It sounds like folks around the NBA aren’t happy with the league’s punishments for the Heat and Bulls.

One assistant general manager thinks that the punishments won’t prevent teams from committing similar violations in the future.

“It won’t discourage teams at all,” the assistant general manager told Bleacher Report.

A veteran executive feels the same way.

“It’s an interesting precedent to set,” the executive said. “You have this one and the Milwaukee one. I wouldn’t think teams would be scared off if it’s a big transaction, for a big player, especially if you plan to be a championship-contending team.”

A veteran agent chimed into the discussion as well.

“It was as toothless as a defanged animal,” said the agent.

Another executive seemed to imply that draft picks in the late stages of the second round don’t carry much value. It’s certainly possible that will end up being the type of draft pick that Miami forfeits.

“If you know you’re gonna pick between No. 45 and 60, that pick doesn’t have that much value anyway,” said the executive.

The Heat took to Twitter to make their stance known on the matter. It seems like the organization simply wants to focus on the 2021-22 season.

It will be worth monitoring whether or not teams commit similar violations in the future. If so, it’ll be interesting to see how the league reacts.

The Heat will be back in action on Friday for a matchup with the Indiana Pacers. Miami is trying to get back on track after two straight losses.

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