NBA Twitter Reacts to Kevin Durant Joining Golden State Warriors

NBA Twitter Reacts to Kevin Durant Joining Golden State Warriors

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Kevin Durant just shook up the NBA landscape with his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Here is some of the mixed reaction from around the league, players and analysts alike.

When the news broke, Dwyane Wade had a strange tweet whose meaning is still unclear. To the best of our knowledge, it seems like another subtweet at the Miami Heat front office that obviously just lost out on Durant.

With respect to the Durant news, Stephen A. Smith was ready as ever with a scorching hot take:

Newly acquired Indiana Pacers guard Jeff Teague may have started the internet’s newest nickname:

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Los Angeles Clippers guard Austin River is already looking forward to the challenge:

Detroit Pistons big man Andre Drummond still has his doubts about how this new Warriors team will play:

The Portland Trail Blazers got knocked out by the Warriors last year and the job for the starting backcourt isn’t getting any easier:

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Oh, and Lil B lifted Durant’s curse! #TYBG

But Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat said what we were all really wondering:

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