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Miami-Based Artist Creates Sick Mural of Dwyane Wade in Little Havana

Miami-based artist paints Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade will be greeted back for “one last dance” in Miami with a brand new mural honoring his Heat career.

The mural by Miami-based artist Disem is on full display in Little Havana on the north wall of the Morphe Fitness and Wellness Spa, where it was commissioned and paid for by owner Roberto Santamarina.

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The mural depicts Wade in a Heat “Vice” jersey surrounded by a sea of pink and teal.

“As an artist, my biggest influence is Miami, so anybody that has a big influence in Miami has a big influence on me,” Disem said in a Twitter video published by the Heat. “It’s my way of giving back to those that influenced me to paint them.

“Wade’s definitely… I’m a huge Heat fan, so he’s definitely had a huge impact on me as an artist, as a fan and as a Miamian.”

Disem began to work on the mural in February when the Cleveland Cavaliers sent Flash back to the Heat.

Disem said that he decided to paint the mural to commemorate Wade’s return to South Beach once the trade was finalized.

“When people see this wall, I want them to realize that this is a man who has put in a lot of work for this city in a lot of different ways,” he explained. “I just kind of wanted to give back to somebody who has given so much to this city and let him know that he’s appreciated.“

Wade re-signed with the Heat Sunday, returning for his 16th NBA season.

The future Hall of Famer has led the Heat to three NBA championships while earning himself 12 All-Star appearances.
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