Justise Winslow Makes It Clear He Wants to Play Point Guard This Season

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There’s a battle at the point guard position for the Miami Heat heading into the 2019-20 season, and Justise Winslow has made it clear that he wants to fight for it.

At a recent event Winslow hosted in partnership with Robin’s House Family Foundation, Winslow stated that he is gunning for job.

“I’m looking forward to playing point guard this season,” Winslow said. “We’ll see how that works out, but that’s my plan, is to play point guard and be the point guard for this team.”

Winslow went on to clarify why he thinks he’s the right fit at point guard for the Heat.

“I just think for what our team wants out of that position, somebody who is a great communicator, somebody who is vocal, somebody who gets guys in their spots, I feel like my playmaking and my ability to take care of the ball has gotten a lot better, as well,” Winslow said 16 days before the Heat open training camp.

“That’s kind of what our organization sees in that position and I think I pretty much embody all that. So that’s why I think I’m good fit.”

Winslow went on to clarify that he wasn’t questioning the value that the other point guards on the Heat offer. In fact, he indicated that he and Goran Dragic could ultimately end up playing together on the court.

“Everyone has ideas of what they want their role to be, and for most people it never fits what they want,” Winslow acknowledged. “Everyone always wants a bigger role, whatever team you’re on. So you just have to understand that as a basketball player — everyone wants the ball late in the games, everyone wants the ball in their hands, everybody wants every play to be run for them. That’s just how we’re built as basketball players.

“It doesn’t make you wrong thinking like that. That’s how I’m going into the season. That’s how I’m approaching it. I want to play point guard. I feel like I’m going to play point guard. Me and Goran have played together last year, so I’m sure we’ll be able to figure it out.”

Last season, Winslow took over the starting point guard position when Dragic missed time due to a knee injury. In his stead, Winslow averaged 12.6 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game. Those numbers either matched or exceeded his career highs.

As for Dragic, he was nearly traded earlier this season. Though those trade talks ultimately stalled, it was an indication that the Heat are potentially ready to move on from the veteran.

Whether that means Winslow is able to assume the starting spot for the Heat remains to be seen.

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