Here’s the latest intel regarding a possible Miami Heat trade for Kevin Durant

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For much of the last month, the Miami Heat have seemed to be one of the most serious contenders in the sweepstakes for Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

However, up to this point, the Nets have not been very impressed by Miami’s offers. Recently, it was reported that the Nets willingness to deal Durant to the Heat could hinge on the Heat willingness to include star big man Bam Adebayo in the deal.

Despite that fact, the Heat reportedly remain “disinclined” to include Adebayo to get a deal done.

While this may be disappointing to Heat fans clamoring for the team to acquire Durant, the team’s approach makes perfect sense. It seems clear that the Heat’s ultimate goal involving Durant would be to team him up with Adebayo and fellow Heat star Jimmy Butler.

Those three players together would form the most talented threesome in Miami since the franchise’s Big 3 era. Moreover, while the aforementioned trio certainly would create a serious title contender, a superstar duo of Butler and Durant alone may not be able to accomplish the ultimate goal.

While some may balk at the Heat’s reluctance to include Adebayo in a potential deal for Durant, there is a fair bit of logic to it. First of all, Adebayo is nearly a decade younger than Durant. He’s got many more years of All-Star caliber play ahead of him.

Moreover, he’s one of the most versatile big men on both sides of the court. He’s a big part of what makes the Heat roster work in its current form.

So, while fans in South Florida can expect the Heat to continue to try to find a way to get a Durant deal done, they should not expect Adebayo to be a part of such a pursuit.

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