Goran Dragic explains what Miami Heat backcourt must do now with Victor Oladipo out for season - Heat Nation

Goran Dragic explains what Miami Heat backcourt must do now with Victor Oladipo out for season

Goran Dragic Miami Heat Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The news that Miami Heat guard Victor Oladipo is having season-ending surgery was disappointing to Goran Dragic, but the veteran stated that he and the rest of the team’s backcourt need to help make up for that absence in the postseason.

“I mean, I would not say a good feeling, because you never want to see a player get hurt,” Dragic said Thursday of where the Heat backcourt stands with Oladipo out. “Unfortunately, Vic is out and we wish him all the best, to be back soon.

“But it’s our job to step up, and I think the last few weeks we’re playing much better and we still need to continue to grow and be ready for the playoffs.”

Oladipo’s absence could mean that Dragic re-enters the starting lineup, though the veteran’s focus on the near future doesn’t include an expectation that Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra will make him a starter again.

“I don’t expect nothing,” Dragic said. “I’m just here. I’m enjoying it here, and whatever he needs. I’m here for the team. That’s it. Nothing else. I feel good now. I’ve started playing better.

“I’m in my comfort zone. So whatever he needs.”

Dragic’s approach includes forging a bond with second-year guard Tyler Herro as it relates to coming off the bench.

“The beginning of the season he was starting, so we did not play much together,” Dragic said of Herro. “Then, because of COVID protocols, I was out, and then some injuries, so we didn’t have a lot of chances to play together.

“And now, finally, the last few games, we’re clicking again. And it’s good. It’s good. We feed off each other. We still need to work on it and be ready for the playoffs.”

The Heat have three games remaining on the regular season schedule, and while they’ve avoided the prospect of having to compete in this year’s play-in portion, they’re still jockeying for position regarding the seeding of teams.

Last year, within the NBA bubble, the Heat caught fire during the postseason and ended up reaching the finals. Despite not having Oladipo, it’s clear that they’re poised to make another push to try to win the NBA title.

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