Gabrielle Union emphatically approves of Joe Biden’s COVID-19 task force

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As the nation suffers through the worst part of the novel coronavirus pandemic yet, good news may be on the horizon.

President-elect Joe Biden is starting to assemble a COVID-19 task force that will help with suppressing and eventually ending the worst viral outbreak in decades.

Gabrielle Union, wife of Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, seems to love the idea, which includes hiring a former surgeon general who helped the NBA avoid even a single case during the resumption of the 2019-20 season.

Incumbent President Donald Trump has been criticized by many across the political spectrum for botching his response to the pandemic.

He first claimed that the virus was a “hoax” created by Democrats to hurt his chances of winning re-election.

More recently, Trump seemed to embrace a strategy of “herd immunity” that would ignore any attempts to stop the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

This is not the first time Union and her husband have shown support for healthcare-related causes.

Earlier this year, they donated money to help ensure that LGBTQ individuals could receive quality treatment amidst the pandemic.

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