Dwyane Wade Reveals One Particular Aspect He’ll Miss Most About Playing in the NBA

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade is just weeks away from the final regular season game of his storied career.

In an interview with Justin Tinsley of The Undefeated, Wade revealed what he’s going to miss most about hanging it up for good following the 2018-19 season.

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“You have your best friends,” Wade said. “You love those days, when it’s a Sunday or whatever, and you laugh, you joke. You all talk about stuff that doesn’t even … It’s nonsense. That’s what I’ll miss. The locker room conversations, the bus rides, the plane rides, the traveling with the Olympic team, traveling to China with Carmelo [Anthony] and [Chris Paul], and just sitting on the back of the bus with Bron (LeBron James). I’ll miss that camaraderie, that brotherhood that you can’t get back.”

Wade has always been known as a fantastic teammate and friend and it’s not a surprise that it is that aspect of the game that he will miss most.

Luckily for Wade, the friendships he made during his time in the league will likely last a lifetime. It is also more than likely that Wade one day returns to the NBA, not as a player, but as an owner.

Earlier this week, Wade discussed his desire to own an NBA team. While he will likely step away from the league for a number of years to pursue other business ventures, it is also likely that he will one day return to a league where he first made his mark.

While Wade will soon say goodbye to playing professional basketball for good, his mark on the game and the league will never be forgotten.
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