Dwyane Wade Speaks out on Chris Bosh's Unfortunate Situation

Dwyane Wade Speaks out on Chris Bosh’s Unfortunate Situation

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh

Like most Miami Heat fans, Dwyane Wade was rooting for Chris Bosh to play basketball again.

However, news broke this morning that Bosh failed a team physical due to a complication showing continued clotting — likely related to his previous blood clots.

The team also released a statement today that confirmed the failure of the preseason physical and said there is no timetable for a return.

Now Wade is being supportive of his friend and longtime teammate. According to Tim Reynolds, Wade told Bosh to focus on family first.

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With Wade leaving for Chicago and Bosh’s latest setback there are a lot of questions that the Heat will have to answer this season. The roster has been rebuilt with younger, mostly unproven players, so the loss of Bosh, a veteran leader, is definitely a blow.

The Heat start training camp next week in the Bahamas so we will find out soon enough what this young group is made of.
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