Dwyane Wade makes it clear he has no ‘mixed emotions’ when it comes to loving Miami Heat

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Earlier this year, Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade purchased an ownership stake in the Utah Jazz organization.

When the news came out, many folks in Miami had mixed emotions. A lot of Heat fans didn’t love the fact that Wade was going to be working with a different team.

Fortunately, Wade recently made it very clear how he feels about the Heat, and it sounds like it’s all love.

“I don’t have mixed emotions,” Wade told the Sun Sentinel. “I love the Heat. I love Jimmy Butler. I love Bam [Adebayo]. I got to root for those guys no matter what. So it’s not mixed emotions.”

He spoke about his ability to “separate business from personal.”

“There’s no animosity coming from my heart at all, because I know how to separate business from personal,” he said regarding his role with the Jazz. “And this was a great business opportunity for me that I’m glad I got an opportunity to have.”

Wade also joked about how he’s still not used to wearing the Jazz’s team colors.

“So is it different wearing purple and all the other colors? Yes,” he said. “I’m used to black and red my whole life. So there’s some things that you’ve got to get used to.”

The Heat and Jazz will play this weekend in Utah. While Heat fans typically wish Wade nothing but success, this weekend’s matchup represents a rare occasion where most Heat supporters will be rooting against the three-time champ.

Miami could really use a victory against the Jazz. The Heat are on a bit of a slide right now and could use a win to get things back on track.

The Heat have a 7-5 record through 12 games. The Jazz, meanwhile, are 8-4 on the young season.

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