Dwyane Wade Fires Back at Aaron Gordon’s New Diss Track With ‘Free Advice’

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On Sunday night, Orlando Magic star Aaron Gordon surprised the basketball world when he released a diss track aimed at Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade.

The song, titled “9 Out of 10,” dealt with Gordon’s belief that Wade cost him the 2020 Slam Dunk Contest trophy back in February.

Now, Wade has issued his response to Gordon’s new track.

Wade is known for his sense of humor and and intelligence, and his tweet proves why.

When it comes to the actual wording of Wade’s tweet, he used Gordon’s own lyrics against him, clearly referencing the song itself.

“Nine out of 10, can you please fix your lens,” Gordon rapped in the chorus of the song. “Nine out 10 got you playing pretend. Nine out of 10, here we go again. Nine out of 10, could have bought the fam a Benz. Nine out of 10, are you making amends? Nine out of 10, probably lost an M.”

Through the lyrics, it is clear that Gordon is not over his loss in this year’s dunk contest.

Beyond that, Wade’s response probably didn’t give the Magic forward the satisfaction that he was looking for.

It will be fun to see what the next chapter of this new NBA rivalry holds.

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