Chris Bosh Details Struggle With Anxiety After Signing With Miami Heat in 2010'
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Two-time NBA champion Chris Bosh is hoping to return back to the NBA with possibly LeBron James in Los Angeles, however, with his physical condition of blood clots and psychological issues, it seems like an uphill battle. In a recent interview with Jackie MacMullan of ESPN, Bosh explained his uphill battle with anxiety that continued when he signed with the Miami Heat in 2010.

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“I was coming from Toronto, a benign situation,” Bosh said. “I figured, ‘All right, people are going to understand why I went, and they are going to like me.’ That’s all I cared about — that people liked me.

“I go there, and I’m smiling, and everyone is scowling at me. The whole LeBron ‘Decision’ had everybody so mad. I don’t know why, but I caught so many stray bullets being around it. Then we lost [in the 2011 NBA Finals to Dallas], and people were dogging me. I started to get pretty bitter.”

In 2011, the video of Bosh walking to the locker room in tears surfaced the internet following the Game 6 loss and forever stayed with him. The video went viral with millions of views and critics calling the former Heat “soft.”

“All those people who made fun of me for breaking down, they didn’t understand,” Bosh said. “I put my life into this. I was getting it from all sides, and then we lose. I expressed my feelings, and then they made fun of me for that. I was too honest. I just couldn’t win.”

Even though the journey may seem difficult, Bosh has his family and support to turn it around. He has been getting help for years and a return back to the NBA has yet to be ruled out. Heat Nation will be cheering for Bosh to overcome these obstacles.
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