Basketball Insider Estimates Exorbitant Amount of Money Dwyane Wade Has in Bank

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When Dwyane Wade was completing his final season with the Miami Heat last month, there were plenty of calls for him to keep playing.

Wade declined those requests, in part because the 37-year-old future Hall of Famer appears to be financially set for the remainder of his life.

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The milk reference was connected to the revelation last week by Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, that he was apparently under the impression that milk costs $20 per gallon. The comment was made in joking fashion, along with remarks about how he was amazed by everyday aspects of life such as a car wash.

Wade’s total basketball career earnings, according to HoopsHype, totaled just over $197 million over his 16 seasons. In 10 of those seasons, he earned more than $10 million per season, with his one season with the Chicago Bulls in 2016-17 garnering him a career-high $23.2 million.

Of course, that amount doesn’t include the millions per season that Wade earned in endorsements. Forbes magazine indicated that last year alone, he made $14 million from those extras.

Such riches help explain why Wade was willing to come back and play for one more season with the Heat while earning a veteran’s minimum salary of $2.39 million. His love of the game and his already sturdy finances allowed him to end his career with a flourish.
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