NBA 2K17 Player Ratings Leaked for Miami Heat

NBA 2K17 Player Ratings Leaked for Miami Heat

Hassan Whiteside NBA 2K17

The long-awaited NBA 2K17 is set to be released in a little under a month on Sept. 20th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. However, it turns out that Miami Heat forward Willie Reed recently leaked some actual footage of 2K17 gameplay as well as most of the ratings for the Heat’s roster.

The popular NBA game has long been a favorite for fans and players alike. Players are always eager to compare ratings to see where they rank in the eyes of the game’s developers. Hassan Whiteside has always been an advocate of increasing his 2K rating and is always bragging about his superior gaming skills on Snapchat. He got a four-point rating bump from last year’s game but this time around he seemed more concerned with his virtual hair.

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Whiteside is still the second-highest rated player on the team, behind Chris Bosh, which just reminds us how important Bosh is to this team. Even though he hasn’t played since February, his health will be a huge factor in the team’s success next season.

These ratings don’t have any impact on how the team will play next year, but it does spur some interesting conversation about what the starting lineup should look like. It seems that 2K has gone with Dion Waiters to fill Dwyane Wade‘s spot at shooting guard. There will be strong cases made by Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson to earn that spot as well.

The team currently has 19 players and that will be cut down to 15 before the season begins, but here are most of the Heat players for now with their respective 2K ratings.

Goran Dragic: 78

Goran Dragic NBA 2K17

Dion Waiters: 73

Dion Waiters NBA 2K17

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