Miami Heat: Five Players Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

Miami Heat: Five Players Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat

4. Udonis Haslem

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The first thought going through Heat Nation is, why would the franchise deal such a beloved figure like Udonis Haslem?

Simple reason—this is a business.

There are other players more likely to be traded with higher value than Haslem, but he remains an intriguing trade piece because he has an expiring contract that is over after this upcoming season. The 12-year veteran is due to earn almost $2.9 million next year.

At this point, Haslem can’t do much. He never had great athleticism in the first place, he never had a refined offensive game and his value to an NBA franchise is limited to merely leadership, experience and toughness. In other words, outside of the Heat, he won’t find minutes in your typical NBA rotation.

However, he becomes a realistic trade piece, especially when paired with younger Heat players in a package deal.

The fact that he has an expiring contract and that he can be used to package with more coveted players is what will make the idea of trading Haslem become very real over the coming weeks.

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