Five Adjustments the Miami Heat Must Make for Game 5
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Five Adjustments the Miami Heat Must Make for Game 5

Jeremy Lin Miami Heat

4. Stick with the Primary Rotation

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Coach Spoelstra tends to tinker with his lineup a little too excessively at times. Granted, his rotation management is a large part of why this season was so successful for Miami and he does tend to find ways through thorough trial and error to produce the most productive lineups in key games. Having said that, this is the playoffs. There’s no time for trial and error and plug-and-play type rotations.

Goran Dragic should not be on the bench for the entire fourth quarter as he was in Game 4. When you need a score, keep your most proven shot-makers on the court. At this point, perhaps Spoelstra needs to keep things a bit simpler and trust his core group of guys. When the game is on the line, the guys who have battled all season long to earn starting positions, should be front and center. That’s just something Spoelstra and the Heat need to live or die with moving forward.

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