An Exclusive Look Inside Erik Spoelstra's New $2.6M Coconut Grove Mansion (Full Gallery Inside)

An Exclusive Look Inside Erik Spoelstra’s New $2.6M Coconut Grove Mansion (Full Gallery Inside)

spoelstra living room

Head coach Erik Spoelstra has had probably the biggest offseason out of anyone on the Miami Heat. He got married to former Heat dancer Nikki Sapp and also bought a brand new mansion. His new home is located in Coconut Grove and cost the veteran coach $2.6 million.

The historic, 4,294 square-foot property was built in 1937 but has been renovated extensively in the past couple years. It includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms, servant quarters, a guest cottage, and an acre of tropical forest.

This is definitely an upgrade from the two-bedroom condo that he was living in before he got hitched. According to the Miami Herald, Spoelstra didn’t pay for the house in cash, like many players do, he instead got a mortgage like the rest of us common folk. Lets have an look inside Spoelstra’s new property.

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spoelstra garden

This is a part of the forest that encompasses his house. You can also the see large pillars that are a part of the front of his estate.

spoelstra front view

Here is look from the front of the building.

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