5 Transactions The Miami Heat Must Make This Offseason

5 Transactions The Miami Heat Must Make This Offseason

3. Consider Replacing Luol Deng


It is unclear whether Luol Deng will return to Miami next season. Regardless of his decision, the Heat need to plan ahead and possibly replace Deng at the starting small forward position.

The 11-year veteran was signed in the immediate aftermath of LeBron James’ decision to bolt for Cleveland. Riley called the signing “one of the most important signings in franchise history.”

While many called it an exaggeration, it was further proven just how much of an exaggeration it was during the season. Deng averaged just 14.2 points per game and did little to offset the loss of Bosh for the second half of the year.

The small forward was a somewhat stable piece as he played in 72 games—more than any other player on the roster with the exception of Mario Chalmers.

The issue is he earns $10.1 million for next season if he decides to exercise his player option for 2015-16. That is simply too much money for a player on the downside of his career who is regressing with each passing season.

The Heat were looking for a scorer capable of filling the third man role alongside Wade and Bosh. They did not find that in Deng.

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