Tyler Herro Breaks Down Exactly What He Purchased With His First $1 Million in the NBA

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Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro has been a pleasant surprise for his team this season, averaging 12.9 points per game on 41.4 percent shooting from the field off the bench.

Herro recently sat down for a video interview with GQ Sports and talked about how he spent the first $1 million he earned in the association.

Herro said the first thing he bought after signing his rookie contract was a $5,000 Gucci purse for his mother.

“The very first thing I bought, I think it was a Gucci purse for my mom,” Herro said. “I was in New York by myself with some friends and I had just seen it at the Gucci store and bought it for her, $5,000.

After buying his mom a purse, Herro bought two cars for himself.

“I bought two cars, I bought a Jeep and then a Mercedes,” Herro said. “I got a S-Class S63 AMG 2020 Mercedes. I bought it in Kentucky, in a dealership in Kentucky and they sent it down here. It was $200,000.

“I bought the Jeep from a dealership down here in Miami, a Jeep Wrangler customized. We take off the top sometimes, sometimes it’s too hot down here so we have to take it off, $60,000.”

Even though he spent $200,000 on the Mercedes, Herro said he had to pay $300 to get the windows tinted.

In addition to the purse and cars, Herro spent $85,000 on clothes, $60,000 on rent, $20,000 on a personal chef, $80,000 on a Porsche for his mom, $10,000 on dining out, $40,000 on a GMC truck for his father, $10,000 on artwork, $30,000 on jewelry and $10,000 on glasses.

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