Video: Matt Barnes List Several Reasons Miami Heat Will Beat Milwaukee Bucks in Next Round

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Former NBA player Matt Barnes made a prediction about the second round of the playoffs that is sure to be music to the ears of Miami Heat fans.

Barnes is picking the Heat to upset the Milwaukee Bucks, who are considered one of the favorites to win the championship.

“Jimmy [Butler] has the young players, his young sharpshooters playing well, Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro,” said Barnes on Saturday. “Goran Dragic is playing well, you know what Jimmy is going to give you. You got [Andre] Iguodala, [Jae] Crowder, Bam [Adebayo]. I got Miami winning next round.”

Barnes also pointed out another possible advantage the Heat have over Milwaukee.

“Miami won two out of three this year too during the regular season (over the Bucks),” added Barnes. “Although that doesn’t mean much, they know how to beat them.”

After the playoffs were put on pause on Wednesday so that players around the league could call attention to the mistreatment of African-Americans by law enforcement and demand change, the Bucks eliminated the Orlando Magic on Saturday to move past the first round, 118-104.

At 56-17, Milwaukee finished with the league’s best record, and the team is led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, who was just named the 2019-20 Defensive Player of the Year.

Although he will be tough to deal with, the Bucks could also have their hands full with Adebayo, who is a frontrunner for the 2019-20 Most Improved Player award.

In addition, in Butler the Heat have the most clutch player on either squad in the upcoming series.

If the Heat succeed in containing the Greek Freak, maybe an upset won’t be too far-fetched after all.

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