Video: LeBron James Talks About Side of Dwyane Wade That’s ‘Out of This World’'
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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are close friends with a rich history together. As a result, it’s not surprising to hear James heap effusive praise onto Wade.

Most of us only know Wade the basketball player, but James knows Wade the person as well as anyone.

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James spoke to reporters following Monday night’s emotional affair and he couldn’t say enough about Wade as a father and person:

“Zaire, I think he’s a junior in high school, I believe. That’s my nephew so [Wade] gave me advice. One thing we don’t talk about enough is how he gained custody of his kids. You know, African-American man gaining custody of his sons. We talk about the other stories so much, but we never talk about that side. Him gaining custody of his kids while being a professional athlete, like, that’s out of this world.”

Just as reporters thought James was finished and were preparing to ask the next question, he told them he wasn’t done talking about his friend:

“I’m not done. I’m not done. We need to talk about more of the positives and what D-Wade has done, not only for his boys, not only for the city of Miami, not only for this league, not only for Marquette and Robbins, Illinois. It’s just, he’s a legend. Let’s not deny it.

James and Wade clearly share a special bond that transcends basketball. Their final matchup was emotional on the court and that carried over to James’ postgame comments.

Wade is an outstanding person and that’s a huge part of the reason he is receiving such a warm welcome everywhere he goes this season. He’s a tremendous player, but what he does for his family and the community is what truly sets him apart. He deserves all the praise he receives during his final season.
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