Video: LeBron James Gives Son’s AAU Team Advice He Likely Learned in Miami

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Throughout LeBron James‘ career, he has gone from a league-wide hero, to one of the NBA’s greatest villains, and everything in between. While his tenure with the Miami Heat was the most successful period of his career, it was also the most polarizing.

In a recent video taken at one of his son’s AAU games, James proves that the lessons he learned playing alongside Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and the rest of the Heat during the Big 3 era have stayed with him to this day.

“Ya’ll gotta understand that when we come to a tournament, when ya’ll come to a tournament everybody wants to see ya’ll lose,” James said to the young team. “Every time we do something good it’s just us clapping for each other. Anytime another team that we go against, the whole god damned crowed is going crazy, they want to see us lose. They want to see us lose. So we gotta approach it like, every time we go out to play we gotta play for one another and nobody else.”

Watch James use the team’s loss as a teachable moment below.

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Thanks to James’ many experiences as both a beloved winner and a reviled loser, his wisdom is invaluable to basketball players of all levels, whether they’re competing for an AAU or an NBA championship.
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