Tyler Herro claps back at Portland Trail Blazers not wanting him in trade from Miami Heat

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Reports all summer long indicated that the Portland Trail Blazers had no interest in acquiring Tyler Herro from the Miami Heat as part of a potential Damian Lillard trade.

Herro, whose place with the Heat seems safe now that Lillard was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, seemingly heard the reports regarding Portland’s stance on him.

On Monday, he downplayed the idea that he’s looking forward to getting some revenge against Portland this season, instead explaining that he’s not particularly worried about a Blazers team that “ain’t the best.”

The Heat and Blazers will play twice in the upcoming regular season. The first matchup will come on Feb. 27 in Portland, and the second will come on March 29 in Miami.

While it doesn’t sound like Herro is circling those dates on his calendar, one has to imagine that he may find a little bit of extra motivation once those games get underway.

The former Sixth Man of the Year became a full-time starter last season, and he was solid in his new role. He averaged 20.1 points, 5.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game in the regular season before an injury in the playoffs sidelined him for virtually Miami’s entire run to the NBA Finals.

It’s fascinating to consider the fact that Herro, whose future with the Heat was in jeopardy just weeks ago, will now be one of the biggest factors in the way the team’s 2023-24 season goes.

As a result of Miami’s quiet offseason, internal development is going to be the biggest key to growth, and Herro is near the top of the list in terms of players who are capable of elevating the Heat’s ceiling. A fifth-year leap from the former lottery pick would open up all sorts of exciting possibilities for Miami.

Herro may ultimately be traded in the future if another opportunity to acquire a star comes along for the Heat. But for now, the youngster is focused on helping his team reach the promised land after it finished just three wins shy of last year’s NBA title while he was sidelined.

Miami will open its 2023-24 season on Oct. 25 against the Detroit Pistons.

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