Shaquille O’Neal believes Tyler Herro’s huge extension was a catalyst for the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole altercation

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As all NBA fans surely have seen by now, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green punched teammate Jordan Poole during a recent team practice.

Many people have since offered their opinions about it, and former Miami Heat big man Shaquille O’Neal recently gave his thoughts on the incident.

O’Neal believes that Tyler Herro’s recent extension was a catalyst for the incident.

“I think the young fella was getting real choppy, especially about to get that contract extension,” O’Neal began. “He saw what Tyler Herro got. He licking his chops. He like, ‘Yo, Tyler Herro got 150. I can get 145 or 148.’ So, he was probably talking a little too greasy to Draymond, and Draymond had to check him.”

Some might believe that O’Neal, who did admit that he was only speculating, is making a solid point, but he is a bit misinformed. Herro’s extension is actually worth $130 million and not $150 million. A difference of $20 million is pretty big.

Furthermore, multiple members of the Warriors organization came out and said that reports of Poole having an attitude during training camp were not true.

It was also reported on Saturday that Poole is about to secure a bigger extension than the one Herro got. It’s important to note, however, that news of Poole’s extension came after the release of the latest episode of O’Neal’s podcast.

Where do the Warriors go from here?

It’s definitely going to be tough for Green to regain the trust of his teammates over the course of the upcoming season. The situation could make or break the 2022-23 campaign for the Warriors, who are trying to repeat as champs.

Green played in Golden State’s final preseason game against the Denver Nuggets on Friday night and engaged in a pregame handshake with Poole.

The incident may still be a bit fresh, but time will surely heal all of the wounds. Poole reportedly didn’t think that it was necessary for Green to be suspended, so that’s definitely a good sign that things are improving.

Golden State will open up its 2022-23 regular season on Oct. 18 against the Los Angeles Lakers in what’s sure to be an electric matchup.

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