Kendrick Perkins claims James Harden played poorly vs. Miami Heat in 2012 Finals due to constant strip club trips'
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Kendrick Perkins was teammates with James Harden on the Oklahoma City Thunder when they faced the Miami Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals.

Miami won the series in five games, and Perkins recently revealed that Harden’s struggles were because of all the activities, including strip clubs, that were available to him in Miami.

“Man, James ain’t give a s— and you know why,” Perkins said after explaining that everyone else brought their A games to the series. “Motherf—— King of Diamonds and everything cut a hole in his hands.”

Perkins also explained that they didn’t run into the same problem against the San Antonio Spurs because there was less to do in the city.

“In San Antonio, you didn’t have a damn thing to do,” Perkins added. “Shit, we got to motherf—— Miami, it was every-motherf——-thing to do. We couldn’t get that motherf—– to buy a bucket in that motherf—–.”

Harden averaged just 12.0 points per game in the series and shot 9-for-31 from the floor.

The Thunder would eventually break up their young core with Harden moving on to Houston. He now is reunited with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn.

Miami may have had a better team anyway, but Harden’s struggles certainly helped the Heat win the 2012 Finals.

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