Jimmy Butler Says He’s Taking Kobe Bryant Over LeBron James

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Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler was recently asked in an interview who he considered the more unstoppable player between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

While most fans would likely say the former Heat superstar has proven to be the more unstoppable between the two, Butler sees it differently.

“Wow,” Butler said before thinking for a few moments. “Give me Kobe.”

It’s as simple as that for Butler. Considering the fact that James’ numbers are superior to Bryant’s in every major statistical category, it stands to reason that there is just one reason why Butler has Bryant as the more unstoppable player.

That reason, which should not come as too much of a surprise given Butler’s intense competitive nature, is championships. While James has won three titles in his career, Bryant won five. For some, it really is all about the rings. Butler seems prescribe to that mentality.

This season, James has helped lead the lakers to the NBA’s best record at 15-2. If things keep going the way they are, he might be hoisting his fourth Larry O’Brien Trophy at the end of this season, putting him just one behind Bryant.

As for Butler, he’s still searching for his first ring. Hopefully, his time in Miami results in his first, and the franchise’s fourth, NBA title.

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