T.J. Warren Threatens to Beat Jimmy Butler’s ‘F—— A–,’ Gets Ejected Shortly Afterwards

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Jimmy Butler knows how to get under the skin of his opponents, with Indiana Pacers veteran T.J. Warren being his latest victim.

In the third quarter of Wednesday night’s game between the Miami Heat and Pacers, Butler and Warren got into a bit of a scrap.

The two traded more than a few words after the altercation.

The two players got physical again moments later when Butler leaned his shoulder into Warren’s chest. Butler was called for an offensive foul, and Warren responded by clapping aggressively in his face.

At that point, the referees had seen enough and promptly kicked Warren out of the game.

As Warren left the court, Butler couldn’t help but hilariously blow him some kisses.

Butler knows that basketball is as much a game of the mind as it is a game of the body.

In tonight’s matchup, he clearly was able to use his mental toughness to his advantage and get Warren to lose his cool.

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