Heat Nation Video: LeBron James’ Comments on Being Compared to Jordan

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Miami Heat forward LeBron James was asked about his thoughts on Frank Vogel calling him the “Michael Jordan of this era.”

Here’s how James responded.

“What it makes me, it makes me relevant. I’m always humbled anytime I’m compared to one of the greats.

“Obviously in all our eyes, Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever play our game. So, to even be in the same breath as Michael Jordan is very humbling and it lets me know that I’ve done something right so far.

“As far as the pressure, I put no pressure on this Finals. I don’t really care what people say about me or how people categorize my so-called legacy or what they think I should be [doing].

“I play this game at a high level; I put myself in a position to help our team succeed; I play for my teammates; I play for our team, the city of Miami, my friends, and my family. I give it all for that and at the end of the day, win, lose or draw, I’m satisfied with that. I don’t really get involved in what people say about me or my legacy.”

What do you guys think of Vogel’s comments? Agree or disagree?

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