Gilbert Arenas’ teammate once told him to ‘shut the f–k up’ after igniting Dwyane Wade with trash-talk

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Back during his heyday, Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade was known as one of the most dangerous players in the NBA.

His tenacious approach on the court has led him to be considered amongst the most dominant shooting guards in the history of the game.

For that reason, fellow former guard Gilbert Arenas once got an earful from a teammate for talking trash to Wade. As the teammate saw it, Arenas was just poking a bear that he wanted no part in angering.

“I remember I had to guard him,” Arenas said. “Larry [Hughes] got fouled. Larry got two fouls quick, and I had just finished talking s— too. … This is the first time Larry Hughes told me, ‘Yo bro, man, shut the f— up. If you ain’t guarding the people you talking trash about, do not say nothing.'”

It’s a hilarious story, and it really paints a picture about just how feared Wade was during the peak of his career.

As Heat fans know well, Wade entered the NBA as the No. 5 overall pick in the legendary 2003 NBA Draft. He immediately became a star in the league and was an All-Star by the second year of his career.

He was an NBA champion and NBA Finals MVP by his third year.

During his career, he won three championships and the 2009 scoring title, made it to 13 All-Star Games and was named to eight All-NBA teams.

Those are just some of the accolades he enjoyed during his time in league.

These days, Wade is a partial owner of the Utah Jazz. While it is hard for Heat fans to see Wade be associated with another organization, he’s made it clear that he will always be part of the Heat family.

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