Gilbert Arenas says Heat have some of best-looking cheerleaders in NBA: ‘You’re calling timeouts just to look at the performance’'
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Gilbert Arenas recently had a wild take about the Miami Heat, saying that their cheerleaders are some of the most attractive in the league.

The former star point guard appeared in an interview with VladTV and covered various topics, including cheerleaders.

“There’s only a few teams that got good enough cheerleaders that you wanna take serious,” he said. “You got Miami, Atlanta.”

The three-time All-Star implied that players during his time enjoyed watching the Heat cheerleaders perform during timeouts.

“No one’s calling a timeout in Utah to look at the dancers,” Arenas added. “Miami, you’re calling timeouts just to look at the performance. Like, ‘Oh, hold on y’all, timeout, let’s look.'”

Even roughly a decade after retiring from the NBA, Arenas has continued to make headlines because of his commentary.

Some of his recent remarks may come off as insulting, given that he was somewhat objectifying the dancers. Of course, the performers aren’t just there to serve as eye candy for players. They are tasked with hyping up the crowd and further boosting their team’s home-court advantage.

Over the years, Miami has enjoyed dominance at its home court during many seasons. This campaign, the Heat haven’t been dominant at home, but they do have a winning record (11-8) in such games. Having a subpar road record (8-10) has resulted in a mediocre standing for Miami.

The Heat are just 19-18 with almost half of the 2022-23 regular season completed. Their record has them sitting at No. 7 in the Eastern Conference. If the postseason began today, Miami would be fighting for its life in the play-in tournament to try to make it to the playoffs.

Hopefully, things will get brighter for the Heat. Fans are hoping the team will continue to rise in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. The Heat are currently one of the hottest teams in the conference, having won seven of their last 10 contests.

However, the squad’s next stretch of games might prove to be challenging as it will feature matchups against several contenders. Over the next couple of weeks, Miami will face teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Suns, Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks.

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