Dwyane Wade would choose Stephen Curry over Kevin Durant to start his team, says he’s ‘revolutionized’ basketball

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade was recently put on the spot and had to make his pick between two of the greatest players in the NBA today.

The three-time NBA champion was asked whether he’d rather build a team around Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry or Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

Wade gave it some thought, but he ultimately decided to go with Curry.

“I’m gonna go with Steph,” Wade told Dan Patrick after being asked whether he’d rather start a team with Curry or Durant. “… I guess I went with Steph because Steph has kind of revolutionized the sport. He’s one of those Mount Rushmores from the sense of changing the game the way he has.”

The NBA’s 3-point revolution has been greatly impacted by Curry. The 33-year-old is arguably the greatest 3-point shooter in the history of the sport.

This season, he’s shooting 40.6 percent from beyond the arc. For his career, he’s a 43.2 percent shooter from 3-point range. Curry is a nightmare for opposing teams to defend.

Durant, on the other hand, is often regarded as the best scorer in NBA history. That claim is up for debate, but the Nets star is certainly building a strong case.

The 11-time All-Star has four scoring titles under his belt. He stuffs the stat sheet in other departments, too. He has career averages of 27.0 points, 7.1 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game.

Curry and Durant, of course, were teammates on the Warriors a few years ago. During their time together, they won two NBA titles. Both players are destined for the Hall of Fame in the future.

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