Draymond Green emphasizes what would stand out in potential Miami Heat-Golden State Warriors NBA Finals battle

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The 2022 NBA Playoffs are heating up, and some teams are starting to separate themselves as serious title contenders.

One of the teams in the East that looks like a real threat to reach the NBA Finals is the Miami Heat. In the West, the Golden State Warriors are firmly in the conversation as well.

An NBA Finals matchup between the Heat and Warriors would certainly be an exciting one for basketball fans. The series would also feature two very different styles of basketball, which Warriors star Draymond Green recently pointed out.

“I’d personally say I think there’s more differences and a ton more differences than there are similarities,” Green said when comparing the Heat and Warriors. “I’d actually go a step further and say if those two teams were to meet in the NBA Finals, it’s like the tale of two tapes. We kind of don’t play the same basketball at all.”

The Heat advanced to the second round of the playoffs by eliminating the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday. It took Miami just five games to get the job done, and the team is now waiting to find out who it’ll face in the next round.

As for the Warriors, they’re on the verge of eliminating the Denver Nuggets. Golden State holds a 3-1 series lead over Denver and is just a win away from wrapping things up.

For the most part, the Warriors have looked dominant so far in the playoffs, and they’ve done it with superstar Stephen Curry coming off the bench. It seems like Golden State certainly has what it takes to win it all this season.

The Heat would like to prevent that from happening. If Miami comes out of the East, the squad will surely be ready to battle whichever team emerges from the West, but there’s no denying that a Heat-Warriors matchup would be fascinating to watch.

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