Chris Bosh Says Golden State Warriors Won’t Three-Peat vs. Toronto Raptors

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The Golden State Warriors are 24 hours away from beginning their quest for an illustrious NBA title three-peat, but former Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh believes that pursuit will end in vain.

Bosh appeared on Canada’s TSN to discuss the Warriors’ chances of defeating the Toronto Raptors, the team Bosh suited up for before signing with Miami.

Given his answer, Bosh’s reason for betting against the defending champs has more to do with some playful pettiness rather than the actual matchup on the court.

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“Well it wasn’t a lecture,” Bosh said of a conversation he had with Warriors head coach Steve Kerr back when the Heat were going for the three-peat in 2014. “He said we weren’t going to do it. So I’m gonna tell him,’ You’re not going to do it either, Steve.'”

When it came to Kerr’s prediction of the Heat’s attempt to three-peat, he was eventually proven correct. The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Heat in five games in the 2014 NBA Finals, ending the Big 3 era.

If most NBA fans could get their wish, it’s likely that they’d want Bosh’s prediction to be proven correct as well.

While the Warriors have been the unquestioned class of the NBA for the better part of the last half decade, there is a clear desire throughout the league for a new team to claim the crown.

Whether or not it can be Bosh’s former team remains to be seen.
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