Chris Bosh Believes Toronto Raptors Should Retire His Jersey'
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On Saturday, former Miami Heat player and two-time NBA champion Chris Bosh posted a video on Twitter of himself answering three of the most frequently asked questions he got from fans.

After answering a question about his health and one about his interest in coaching, Bosh answered one from fans wondering if he thinks the Toronto Raptors should retire his jersey.

“Sure, I think so,” Bosh said. “That would be an honor. That would be both an honor and a privilege. You know, it was such good times and the more I get removed from it, the more I realize that it was special and it was some great times.

“Even though we didn’t get as many wins as I would have liked to, it was more about the spirit of the city and wanting to win and I’m so happy that Toronto got their championship last year. They were able to celebrate that and as a city, get to experience that because that’s what the NBA is about.”

The 11-time All-Star spent the first seven years of his career in Toronto and made the All-Star team five times. He also led the Raptors to the playoffs twice.

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