Video: Charles Barkley goes off on Shaquille O’Neal for comparing Goran Dragic to Chris Paul

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Throughout the 2020 NBA Playoffs, Goran Dragic has been a key force behind the Miami Heat’s success.

He’s been playing so well that TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal seemed to compare him to Chris Paul. His costar, Charles Barkley, didn’t agree.

“I want to give props to Dragic,” said O’Neal. “His name is not mentioned a lot. He’s older, but I think he should get the same respect that CP3 has been getting. Older guy, putting up numbers, doing a lot for his team. And again, the recipe for them the last couple games, if you can get four guys with 20 points, you can win.”

Barkley then took it upon himself to respond.

“First of all, that’s just an insult to CP3. I’m not gonna let you get away with that,” responded Barkley.

O’Neal then hit back.

“No it’s not,” said O’Neal.

Barkley wasn’t finished making his stance known.

“Listen, Dragic has had a good career. Chris Paul has had a great career,” said Barkley.

The two traded barbs, with Barkley threatening O’Neal and O’Neal reminding Barkley that he never managed to win a championship during his NBA career, thus making his opinions less valid.

It was just another example of the two hilarious big men going at it in entertaining fashion.

As for Dragic, after averaging 16.2 points per game in the regular season, he is leading the Heat in scoring so far in the playoffs with 21.3 points per game.

He’s had quite a number of games with at least 20 points so far in this postseason as the Heat have shocked the world by going so far in playoffs.

The fact that Dragic has been to the conference finals in the past has only further helped Miami’s cause.

On the other hand, Paul is considered by most to be a future Hall of Famer and arguably the NBA’s best point guard of the last decade.

However, if Dragic continues to play the way he has, he could soon end up with something that has eluded Paul: an NBA championship.

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