Former NFL Star Urges NBA Fans to Put Money on Miami Heat Coming Out of East

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Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson made his living catching passes, but he’s now dispensing gambling information about the Miami Heat’s chances once NBA action resumes on July 31.

Johnson firmly believes that the Heat have a good shot at winning the Eastern Conference and advancing to the NBA Finals. He offered a brief statement on social media that emphasized his confidence.

“The Heat are coming out the East, alright?” Johnson said. “Listen to me. Listen to me because I love you. Alright, so if you’re a gambler and you’re about money, because you know I’m about money. I’m not about spending it, but I’m about my money. Put your money on the Heat coming out of the East.”

Johnson’s confidence before the Heat even get back on the court is admirable, but it comes with the reality of his clear bias in making the selection.

Johnson grew up in Miami and his strong South Florida roots have made him an enthusiastic backer of local teams. The fact that he’s confident about the Heat’s chances shouldn’t be surprising.

During his 11 NFL seasons, Johnson never lacked for confidence and used that mindset to catch 766 passes over the course of his career, all but 15 of them with the Cincinnati Bengals.

While some people may have been wagering on past NFL games involving Johnson, it remains to be seen if any will take his current advice and put money down on the Heat.

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Brad Sullivan is a freelance writer for, having been an avid fan of NBA basketball for more than four decades. During that time, he's watched the Heat evolve from gestation period to expansion team all the way to three-time NBA champions. He'll follow their quest toward again reaching those lofty heights, and do so by offering some perspective along the way.