Carmelo Anthony Tells Dwyane Wade Incredible Story of How LeBron James Once Saved Him From Drowning

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On Friday, Carmelo Anthony and Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade had a candid conversation on Instagram Live to the delight of thousands of fans.

During the conversation, the two stars retold a story about how former Heat star LeBron James once saved Anthony from being pulled out to sea by a strong current.

“It was my fault though, I was still trying to see the last bit of the barracuda, snorkeling and all that,” Anthony began. “It was my fault. I look up, the current is taking me to the middle of the ocean, like opposite from the boat.”

Wade then couldn’t help but jump in.

“We couldn’t see you,” he said.

Anthony then continued telling his harrowing tale.

“I know,” he said. “It was windy, all type of s— was going on through my head, I’ll be honest with you. Then I look up at the boat and I see Bron jump off the boat like he is MacGyver. … He jumped off the boat into the water. He was bringing me back with one arm.”

Wade then put the incredible feat into perspective.

“I’ve told people this story before,” he said. “I said, ‘Listen, I’ve seen LeBron do a lot of amazing things on the court. Off the court, when he went and saved Melo’s life.'”

Anthony then had to thank his old friend.

“Nah, he saved my life,” Anthony said. “I can’t hold you. He saved my life. Yo Bron, I appreciate that. You saved my life that day.”

The story is an incredible one and not only proves that James is quite nearly a real-life superhero, but also just how close the NBA stars really are to one another.

While millions of Americans have been practicing self-isolation to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, fans have had to deal with an absence of live sports for just over two weeks.

Luckily, some of America’s favorite athletes are helping everyone pass the time with incredible stories such as this one.

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