Duncan Robinson unveils hilarious story of 'confused' and 'weirded out' kid who had no idea who he was - Heat Nation

Duncan Robinson unveils hilarious story of ‘confused’ and ‘weirded out’ kid who had no idea who he was

Duncan Robinson Miami Heat Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Duncan Robinson of the Miami Heat offered a hilarious anecdote about a brief encounter with a youth who Robinson described as being “weirded out” by his stunt.

Robinson told the story during his podcast “The Long Shot,” which is co-hosted by Davis Reid, that involved the Heat guard getting out of his car after seeing two kids playing basketball on a random court.

“I get out of my car. I ask for the ball. The kid is startled and confused and is weirded out, like, ‘Who’s this random guy getting out of a car asking me for the ball that I’m playing with?'” Robinson said. “He reluctantly throws me the ball, I shoot, I miss. … I might have airballed, I don’t know. … Kid doesn’t even recognize me, doesn’t even care at all.”

Clearly, Robinson was hoping for a better result with his jump-shot effort, but still found the humor when it came to the oddity of what he was doing.

This season, Robinson’s shooting touch is down from last season, with the third-year player connecting on 42.6 percent of his shots from the field after hitting at a 47.0 percent rate last season.

Robinson’s numbers from beyond the arc have also dipped slightly compared to those of last year, with his current 39.2 percent rate down from connecting at a 44.6 percent clip during the 2019-20 campaign.

However, the Heat are thriving right now after they struggled over the last few months because of injuries and COVID-19 concerns. They currently have a 20-18 record with a Sunday night road matchup against the Orlando Magic next on the docket.

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