Andre Iguodala Explains What Makes Him So Similar to Kobe Bryant'
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Miami Heat Andre Iguodala has a lot of interests outside of basketball, one of which is being a venture capitalist.

He recently made an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” to discuss his portfolio and called Zoom Video Communications his best investment.

Iguodala said he learned about focusing on his off-court ventures from late former Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.

“Kobe and I, we actually had the same agent throughout our careers, so I was able to see some things he was doing on and off the court,” Iguodala said. “And I think vice versa, he was able to see some of the things I’ve been trying to accomplish off the court.

“We put the same intensity, the same focus we put on the basketball court.”

Zoom Video Communications is the platform that schools in Broward County and other counties will use for instruction following spring break, due to the shutdown created by the coronavirus.

Iguodala also went into detail about why he decided to start investing.

“I’ve grown to learn and grown to put a lot of my thought and effort into learning the space and playing catch up,” Iguodala said of his investment career. “Being a professional athlete, you tend to not know about that space because it’s not the sexy something that everyone’s talking about.”

With the NBA season on hiatus for the next seven weeks, Iguodala will have plenty of time to focus on his investments.

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