Report: NBA punishes Dillon Brooks for shoving cameraman at Miami Heat game

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Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks is back in the news for the wrong reasons.

The sixth-year pro — who is quickly becoming one of the most detested players in the entire league — has been punished by the NBA for pushing a cameraman during the Grizzlies’ recent loss to the Miami Heat.

Dillon Brooks Memphis Grizzlies

When it comes to the nature of the incident, it was all caught on camera, which probably made it an open-and-shut case for the league.

From what can be seen in both slow motion and full speed, it seems like Brooks made the clash more violent than it needed to be. The footage seems to show that he actively extends his arm, forcing the cameraman to the ground. Brooks then fails to do anything to try to help him regain his footing.

It’s really shocking to see a professional athlete behave in such a way. Unfortunately, this is far from the first time that Brooks has seemingly gone out of his way to put someone in harm’s way.

Earlier this season, in a game between the Grizzlies and Cleveland Cavaliers, Brooks was seen extending his arm to hit star guard Donovan Mitchell in a very sensitive area.

He was suspended for one game for the act. Mitchell was dealt a fine.

The Grizzlies are a talented young team, but personality issues have absolutely been an issue for them this season. Star guard Ja Morant is currently dealing with an eight-game ban after he was seen flashing a firearm in a nightclub during an Instagram Live.

He was also recently involved in a scandal for allegedly getting into a violent altercation with a teenager last summer.

The on-court antics of Brooks and off-court antics of Morant have definitely made the Grizzlies one of the most controversial teams in the NBA today. Surely, many will be rooting against them by the time the 2023 playoffs come around.

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